2007 Elite 11 Quarterback Camp

I am a former Quarterback that was 8th round draft pick with the Buffalo Bills and I want to talk about the future NFL QB’s that are currently high school stars.

After the regional tryout QB Camps were held, this is the list that made the cut. These 11 high school Quarterbacks are the cream of the crop and will be all going to major college football programs.

At the invitation only camp they will be taught Quarterback Passing Drills, QB Footwork Drills.

At night they do film sessions and are taught how to read defensive pass coverages. At the end of the 3 day camp they will have a QB passing tournament to see who is the best.

EA Sports 2007 Elite 11 Quarterback Camp Roster.

#1 Dayne Crist, 6-5, 228: Signed with Notre Dame

#2 E.J. Manual, 6-4, 205: Signed with Florida State

#3 Andrew Luck, 6-4, 210: Signed with Stanford

#4 Mike Glennon, 6-6, 195: Signed with North Carolina State

#5 Blaine Gabbert, 6-4, 224: Signed with Missouri

#6 Landry Jones, 6-4, 220: Signed with Oklahoma

#7 Nick Crissman, 6-3, 193: Signed with UCLA

#8 John Weinke, 6-4, 194: Signed with Iowa

#9 Jacory Harris, 6-4, 170: Signed with Miami

#10 Kyle Parker, 6-0, 185: Signed with Clemson

#11 Sean Renfro, 6-3, 201: Signed with Duke

High School players, parents and coaches fans love to talk about the Elite  ค่าคอมแทงบอล ufabet  11 Quarterback Camp, which is an annual clinic designed for the most promising young quarterbacks in the nation. It takes place July 23-27 in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Every year, it holds the best young arms in the nation. It was designed in the belief that quarterbacks are made, not born.

There are regional QB tryout camps that take place in the spring and summer. From those camps 11 top high school quarterbacks are invited. This is the most prestigious Quarterback Camp in the USA.

As soon as I have the 2008 Elite 11 Quarterback Camp schedule, I will publish it on my website.

If you would like to learn about these same Quarterback drills taught at the Elite 11 Camp see my website listed below.

Todd Krueger is a former NFL Quarterback that was a 8th round draft pick in 1980 by the Buffalo Bills. He also played with the Houston Oilers, Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Wranglers in the USFL.

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