How to Draft a Great Fantasy Football Team

Participating in a fantasy football league is always a fun time. You can do one with your friends or join a free or more serious league of fanatics that you have to pay for. Either way you do it, knowing how to draft your team is key to having a successful season. There are a set of rules that you should follow that could give you a superior or mediocre team.

Every fantasy football league is different in terms of the scoring system, but most are similar in terms of points for touchdowns and rushing, passing and receiving yards. In the first round, if you have one of สมัคร ufabet มือถือ the first few picks, you’re going to want to take one of the top running backs in the league. If you’re later on in the round, you may want to look at taking a top wide receiver or possibly one of the top three quarterbacks, if your desired running back has already been chosen.

Round two is usually good for a top wide receiver or a running back if you didn’t take one in the first round. By the end of the fourth round, you should have a combination of two running backs and either two wide receivers or one wide receiver and one quarterback. By the time the fifth round rolls around, the top tight ends will start to get chosen. If you can get one of the top three, you should pounce on them when you can.

Finally, make sure you do some research on sleepers for the season since the later rounds are made up of random selections of players that you hope will make a surprise impact on your team. Just remember, wait until the last round to take your kicker. They are all basically the same and you don’t want to waste an earlier pick on one.