Technological Breakthroughs Bring Industrial Epoxy Flooring Into the Residential Garage

Until recently a high performance industrial epoxying flooring project took four days to complete. At that rate the labor and material cost made it prohibitive to make a profit on a 500-750 square foot garage floor. That has all changed with advanced technology coatings which have become available during the last few years.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings and Its Benefits as A Flooring Solution –  Marvelous Epoxy Flooring

There are varying quality coatings available today from thin Do It Yourself floor paints to high quality epoxies and polyureas. For years epoxy was the only product available. A high quality system was applied in numerous layers at the rate of one coat per day. The first coat was a primer followed by two coats with sand broadcast into each layer, then finished with an industrial strength urethane.

Then along came polyaspartic & polyurea coatings. Polyaspartics were  flooring epoxy  originally developed for coating steel to prevent corrosion. Their high performance properties led to use for other applications. It was discovered that polyaspartics performed exceptionally well on concrete plus had a rapid curing process. In fact numerous layers could be applied in one day rather than the typical four day application with industrial epoxy flooring.

The competition to epoxies from these new technology rapid curing polyureas led to advancements with a fast cure. The rapid cure process opened up the largest untapped markets in home improvement. Now a home owner can have their concrete floor surfaced by a professional who has made a business remodeling the garage. It is profitable for a contractor to resurface a floor in one or two days but not four. Now a home owner can get the same high performance concrete floor coating that is applied on a large industrial floor. The reason being is that professionals with a local internet strategy can reach the market of home owners who are searching online.

The internet has enabled the garage flooring professional access to a volume of business. The combination of high performance, rapid curing floor coatings combined with an internet strategy provides an entrepreneur with a business model that is profitable. Home owners benefit with quality at a reasonable cost that adds value to their home.