The Biggest Muscle Secrets in Bodybuilding – Revealed

My passion is bodybuilding and everything about it. For years I read the magazines, scoured the Internet, spoke to my gym buddies and gave 100% to each and every workout.

I basically spent my whole life looking for elusive muscle secrets that would get me the body of my dreams. I literally did everything right. Or so I thought.

I ate clean and I slept right…

So why wasn’t I getting the dramatic muscle gains that I felt I deserved?

Its Because I Was Taken In By The Hype

Here comes the first, and in my opinion the most misleading phrase in Bodybuilding history. The Magazines and the Internet promote it as Holy Scripture and I have honestly lost count of all the hundreds of times ISr9009 have seen it used as a headline. Here it is. The biggest lie in Bodybuilding:

‘Train like the Pros.’

A simple adage and one that on face value would seem obvious.

If you train like the pros then your bound to get the same results right?

Well. No.

No for quite a few reasons serious reasons.

Firstly, when you see a Pro workout in a Magazine numbering tons of sets and poundage’s that would kill an elephant you’ve got to remember that these are very advanced routines that if you or I were to follow would be seriously overtraining one or more muscle groups. Leading to longer recovery times, massive DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and would seriously lower our immune systems and muscle growth potential.

The second reason it is ridiculous to think that you should ‘Train Like The Pros’ is down to the vast quantities of various Anabolic Substances that half of them are on.

For those of you that don’t know about Steroids: They greatly increase Protein Synthesis, Fat Metabolism and Recovery Time.

The downsides to abuse of these powerful substances are numerous – but this article is not designed to go into a pro/con Steroid debate.

Instead I am merely highlighting the natur