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Your hookah needs a proper coal burner

“Don’t fear the light within. May it ignite the sacred flame in your soul.”

The best part of the hookah is: it is made of different ingredients that make the thing more approachable to hookah lovers. Even if you are not a hookah lounge person,Guest Posting you can get all the ingredients to prepare the hookah for a grand party at your home. Most of the products are readily available in the market. But before entering into such a crucial step of preparing hookah, you need to know its essential features. Among them, coals play an integral role in preparing the entire process.

Thus, the hookah ingredients consist of many crucial elements, and the coal burner is considered one of the major elements, and without this, you have to afford a flop hookah show!

Into the coal burners

A passionate hookah lover at least once knows that hookah is a combination of many ingredients that make the hookah complete. It is not always the shisha or hookah you should look at forever because honesty is incomplete without all the ingredients. One of the essential parts is lighting up the hookah; to be honest, no one can enjoy the best of hookahs unless they are using a tiny amount of heat.

Without the proper coals and coal burners, you can’t even imagine the preparation of a good hookah.

Hookah no doubt gives you the ultimate pleasure of smoking differently and individually. Thus, hookah is relatively more famous than other smoking instruments. However, anyone who is genuinely passionate about hookah at least once knows that hookah is a combination of many ingredients that make the hookah complete. And thus, coal burners have been considered the prime elements of hookah session. I, personally, can’t even imagine the greatest hookahs session without this core element.

The primary categories of hookah charcoals

How many of you have the proper knowledge of hookah charcoal? Even an appropriate enthusiast of hookah sometimes gets confused on the same categories. When you urge for a good coal burner, remember that there is a need for good charcoal as well. Therefore, good coals and burners go hand in hand.

The two major types have been primarily considered the fundamental factors for a good hookah session. That is:

1) Quick Light Charcoal

Quick-light hookah charcoals can be ignited with a disposable plastic lighter or even a book of matches. This has been considered the fastest lighting or instant lighting charcoal. This specific hookah charcoal comes in a foil-wrapped roll of 10 discs. These coals are famous for their unique offering and features. These are made of compressed coal dust and hold a particular characteristic of containing an accelerant to ignite the entire coal after only a portion has reached the sparkling temperature.

This hookah charcoal also has the specialty that it offers the progressive tendency of getting burnt quickly within 1 minute. There are various sizes available for quick light hookah charcoal, but if users give a recommendation based on their hookah coal burner capacity, manufacturers can customize the charcoal size. These coals are fast and convenient and allow customers to enjoy the session for a longer time.


This charcoal is widely available as a 33mm and 40mm diameter coal piece.
The most convenient part is: it comes with an odorless and tasteless feature.

2) Natural Charcoal

So basically, as a hookah enthusiast, do you ever realize what do we mean when we talk about “Natural hookah charcoal?”

As I believe, most of them don’t have absolute knowledge of this. We overheard, we go and ask the retailer to pack the natural coals for our evening hookah party! Does it sound familiar? Well, the truth is, there has been a growing trend over the last ten years towards natural charcoal or natural coconut. But do you know the reasons that made this specific charcoal so famous?

Many people have a misconception over the flavor of natural coconut coals. No, it doesn’t taste like coconut! Of course, the concept is completely based on the fact: that this product is basically made from the left-over coconut shells at coconut farms. The shells of coconut are already renowned for their variety of usage, so as it contributes to the making of natural hookah charcoal. The shells are processed into charcoal and compressed into briquettes. The coals are available in customizable and engaging sizes like flat squares, cubes, large cubes, and recently circular shapes and wedges to accommodate the coal burners and hookah bowls.

These are the two primary categories that help to have a lengthy hookah chapter and that you can enjoy to the fullest. These are the finest coals that implement a significant impact on your hookah composition!

What to look for in the best hookah coal burner?

When you are buying a coal burner, you need to know its features and compatibility. You have to look for its advantages before committing to purchase; if you have guests around, then look no further because you have the responsibility to execute the greatest session ever! A best quality coal burner is always a fruitful and methodical way o=to establish your passion regarding the hookah session. A good quality coal heater must have a solid build quality that is capable of regulating the coil’s temperature using a dial on the base of the device. Just make sure that you are utilizing good-quality charcoal. When you obtain those coals, you can witness the entire procedure takes only four to five minutes and the coals take that much time to get burnt; the more you tend to opt for good quality, the more you will get the fastest tour.

Even you will get surprised to know that some good quality hookah coal heaters offer air vent technology that ensures the coals are burning at the proper temperature. An automatic shutoff is also an advanced solution that executes a safety mechanism. Modern hookah burners assure these most significant advantages. Also, these coal burners are easy to clean and maintain. The robust technology offers dismantling, clean, and hassle-free features. Remember that a shisha coal heater must reach the optimum heat of around 320-350 degrees, which is essential. Make sure you have to be desperate about buying good quality charcoal. If you prioritize buying the right charcoal, it eventually helps you save time to burn and preserve the burner’s quality. A drip pan can be a helpful feature that protects you from removing all the mess quickly and cleaning your burner faster. Be ensured that it doesn’t cover unattractive drip marks and stains that could ruin the burner.

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