New Or Used Dental Coaches In The Usa

Why Custom Built Mobile Dental Coach?  Why not use an Automotive Mini Van or a larger Van and equipped them with Dental Equipment? Mini Van is designed to carry Passengers,New Or Used Dental Coaches In The Usa Articles Family Members, storage, luggage, Groceries. The floor of the Mini Van will not handle the Patient Chairs weighing over 400 lbs each. The Digital Pan weighs even more. The Intraoral X-Ray Systems will require reinforcements in the side panels of the Mini Van similar to your immovable dental office wall. Where do you locate the Vacuum Pump and Air Compressor in the Mini Van with limited space?  All the Dental Equipment if bolted down in the Mini Van or even in a larger Van will tear away while these Vans are driven on the paved roads. The stop and go traffic, sudden stops, especially on our Infrastructure in need of repair will be a disaster. Rural or unpaved roads will be even worse. You get the idea. These are the reasons you cannot also use Motor Homes, RV and similar Vehicles.

The Dental Coaches Dental Conditions and Solutions must be built from Chassis up just like an Automotive assembly line but to accommodate the Dental Equipment.  If you elect to buy a used or new coach don’t assume that the structural reinforcements can be made to accommodate the Intraoral X-Rays, Dental Patient Chair, Panoramic X-Ray, Rolling cabinets such as the CLEVEDENT WORKSTATIONS.  Dental Equipment requires special wiring, conduits, Vacuum Suction & Airlines, dedicated electrical & circuit breakers for Intraoral X-Ray, vacuum Pump, Air Compressor. The Suspensions will need to upgrade. So, before you buy your Used or New bus/Coach, contact an experienced Mobil Dental Coach manufacturer like us.

The purpose of Mobile Dentistry is to transport Dental Equipment to where the patients are. You can use the Mini Van and buy portable dental equipment from Aseptico or DentlWorks. The portable equipment is designed for you to carry in your standard Van. The portable equipment is used by the Military by USA, Canada and many Countries Globally. The Portable Equipment can be completely Self Contained  or the models that require external power source from the School, Retirement home, etc. This portable method of Dentistry does not replicate the immovable dental office.

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